Cosmetic surgery procedures are very popular now and have become commonplace in our society. In the past, there were many speculations about this field. People were hesitant to try out these procedures in fear of getting disappointing results. But now this field has evolved and the procedures have become simple. Many of the procedures are non-invasive, which has fewer side effects. Dr. Davis provides the following services in his clinic.

Breast augmentation

We have a number of options for breast augmentation. Once you come to our clinic, we can give you all the information about it. More women have now become conscious about their figure and they want breast enlargement to make them look more attractive.

Acne treatment

The conventional methods of acne treatment are not very effective. Our approach to acne problem has given proven results. We use AFT pulsed light to get rid of acne bacteria. This method doesn’t have any side effects.

Autoplasty or ear correction

Protruding or irregularly shaped ears can be embarrassing. Now you can do the correction easily with cosmetic surgery. This procedure is often given to children to get symmetrical and proportionate ears.


The facelift procedure can make you look younger. As you get old your soft facial tissues get loose. You can tighten the face and neck tissues using this procedure.

We have several years of experience in this industry. With us, you can be sure that you are in the safe hands. Please visit us for more information.